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The Froggie.gr is the official website of Froggie Systems, manufacture, production and sale of price indication and product display systems, under the name “D.LIROPOULOU-P.DOUMAS SA” , distinctive title Froggie Systems, with VAT number 082267329 and is located in Agioi Anargiroi, PSARON 19 P.C. 13561.

The company’s primary concern is to list the terms governing froggie Systems’ rights and obligations to all of you who visit its websites and which aims to inform you of your rights and obligations and to better serve you in the search and acquisition of the products you wish to purchase from the company.


Personal Data

A prerequisite for the commencement of the conciliation between us is the disclosure by you of some of your personal information. When and if you place an order, we will ask you for your full name, the address to which the products sold will be sent, the number of your landline (or any other phone you want which will be used for your best service), your e-mail address, etc. and if you choose to make your payments by credit card, its number and the date of its expiry.

The company, strictly following the principles of the protection of personal data provided by the relevant laws and international conventions, will not make any unfair and without your prior approval use. Froggie Systems in no way discloses, sells, exchanges personal information and information you trust us. Extremely personal information may be made public by the company, always in compliance with the procedure laid down by law when required by a Public Authority, a court, etc.

Froggie Systems reserves the right to inform its suppliers with statistical sales statements, but in no case will they contain personal information that may lead to the identification of individuals.

You may also, at any time, if there is a reason to change the personal information you have disclosed to us, or to restrict or cancel the use of some of these information.



Froggie Systems when making purchases uses the SSL protocol, with 128-bit encryption (the most powerful today), for secure online trading. This encrypts all your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read or changed when transferred to the Internet. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the acceptance software, thus protecting personal information during transfer. In addition, all information sent with SSL is protected by a mechanism that automatically determines whether the data has been changed during transfer.



In all our products there is the shipping availability your place, by means of transport of our company, transport company (ours or your choice) or by courier and always with the appropriate charge. All deliveries are made on business days (08.00 – 16.00) Monday to Friday. All products are transferred under the customer’s responsibility and are shipped only after their payment.

In another case you can receive your orders from our company’s headquarters (Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 16.00), free of charge and if you have contacted and informed that your order is ready.

Froggie Systems reserves the right to modify the above in any case of shipment for any reason.


Shipping method and time

The products are delivered upon request, at the agreed delivery time of both sides, and are shipped after confirmation of payment.

In any other case the delivery time of products in stock is 3 to 7 working days and this does not apply when the product is not in stock, otherwise it is about 10 to 25 working days.


Cancel order

Froggie Systems has a mechanism for the cancellation of an electronic order only (in whole or in part) that has already been registered in the online store. For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) by the end of the day of the order, with your details and order number you will need to send an e-mail to info@froggie.gr and a partner will undertake its cancellation.

NOTE: After written acceptance of the order, a telephone cancellation is not accepted.


Product Returns

Our company enables us, through the completeness of the descriptions of which it posts on its pages, to enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products available from your computer screen, quickly and easily. Any errors in Photos and other technical characteristics do not bind our company because we cannot exclude improvements or changes in production. For this reason, our staff is always willing to serve you better before each order, otherwise return of the products for the above reasons are not accepted.

In case the product is damaged it will be returned upon request, to our company, in order to repair the damage or replace the product.

For any other return, please contact us beforehand within no more than 3 calendar days after the issue of the shipping or invoice form (otherwise the returns are not accepted) in order to replace the products with other of equal value.

In any event that the products are not returned to our company’s headquarters within 10 days, froggies ystems may not accept any refund or replacement.

In any case refunds are accepted only upon request and must be returned in perfect condition, in the original condition received by the customer, complete and without damage and the packaging of the product is the one that normally accompanies the product and be in perfect condition. In the case of opened packaging the refund is not accepted and the product will be returned to its consignor at the same charge.

In addition, in all cases the product to be replaced-repair must be accompanied necessarily with all documents accompanying the product (e.g. invoice etc.)

Cash refunds are not accepted.


Prices of products

For product prices please email us or call us at 210 4966156 to send you our offer.



Froggie Systems guarantees to the original purchaser of its products that they do not have a defect due to the materials used or to their assembly procedure.

The court of the seat of the manufacturer/seller of the products  is competent for any dispute.




  1. Fraudulent use of a customer’s credit card: Froggie Systems undertakes no obligation to cover your liability to the Bank that issued your credit cards (amount resulting from the contract for the issuance of your credit card), in case of use by an unauthorized person (fraudulent use of a credit card). This liability covers only cases where the unauthorized/fraudulent use of your credit card for purchases at Froggie Systems is not due to your own error or negligence. For this reason, you have an obligation as soon as you become aware of the loss of your credit card to inform the issuing Bank in order to cancel it and to exclude its use by unauthorized persons. In case of fraudulent use of your credit card, the money charged to your Bank Account will be re-credited or returned to you.


  1. Advertising messages: Froggie Systems provides the opportunity to its users to choose their information about the new products available on the market and other offers, payment arrangements, etc. by sending promotional – informative messages to their electronic or postal address or by telephone. Froggie Systems will not misuse its above service. Users are always given the opportunity to stop receiving advertising messages.


  1. Cookies: Like most sites on the internet, we use cookies so that we can access certain information every time you browse with a web browser in our store. Without using cookies, it would be impossible to offer you important services such as: order status, personal settings (e.g. 1-click ordering settings), storing items in your cart or reminding you between two of your visitors, etc. Cookies are alphanumeric files that we transfer to the hard drive of your computers through your internet so that we can offer you services such as those mentioned above. In your browser settings you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or asking you every time a new cookie is to be installed on your hard drive. However, you should be aware that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard drive you will not be able to use some of our store’s services.


  1. Amendment of the terms hereof: Froggie Systems reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. Froggie Systems undertakes to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.


  1. Applicable Law: All transactions you make through Froggie Systems are governed by international and European law that regulates matters relating to e-commerce as well as by the Consumer Protection Act (Law 2251/1994) which regulates matters relating to distance selling.



Prices if listed do not include VAT and transport

Product photos may be indicative.